21 Dec 2017
Panto wins at Queen's

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Panto had a fantastic championships in the Renny Cup at Queens this week.

In his 1st match he was solid against Harrow.

In his 2nd match he was nervy and didn't play great but got through against an Eton Boy

His 3rd match he played better against a Winchester lad

His 4th round was against a Harrow boy where he played another solid game.

In the semi's he was up against Rugby. This match was a classic. He went 1 up, then 1 all. 2 /1 up then 2 all. in the final game he was 7 nil down, then managed to claw it back to 7 all , It got down to a nail biting 15/13 win. TOP DRAW

In the final on Saturday he played an Upper Sixth boy from Tonbridge. Another ding dong battle and came out with an amazing 15/10 15.12 15.12 win.

It is an amazing achievement to win it as a Lower Sixth Boy.

Panto will be competing in The Foster Cup next December which is the Top 16 boys in the country.